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Scholarship and Grant Options for MBA Program Students in Santa Clara

mba program santa claraA Santa Clara resident who is enrolling in an MBA program Santa Clara will find that there are numerous scholarship and grant options that one can take advantage of. These include not only Federal aid options that can be obtained by filling out a FAFSA form, state aid and general scholarships given on the basis of income or ethnicity but also funding that is specifically provided to those who want to obtain a Masters degree in business. Following are some MBA scholarship options for one's consideration.

MBA Scholarships for Women

Given the fact that the overwhelming majority of MBA recipients are men, it is not surprising that several scholarship funds have dedicated themselves to helping women earn this prestigious degree. Women who want to study for an MBA can apply for funds to the Forte Fellows Program, C200 Scholars, American Business Women's Association, Financial Women's Association Scholarship or American Association of University Women.

mba program santa clara

General MBA Scholarships

mba program santa claraMen will find that there are plenty of scholarship options that they can take advantage of as well. These include Allianz Scholarship Funds, Alumni Network Fellowship, ESMT America's Scholarship and Talentia Scholarships. 

Tax Credits

It is a little known yet important fact that a student can deduct part of the cost of his or her studies from taxes. The Hope Tax Credit (sometimes referred to as the Hope Tax Scholarship) and the Lifetime Learning Credit both allows students to deduct study expenses from taxes. While this does not provide cash in hand to students who need funds for tuition and books, it enables student to recoup the money after it has been spent.

How to Get Funding

mba program santa claraThe first step in obtaining funding is for one to find which forms of aid he or she qualifies for and then apply to all available options. Scholarship funds do not place a limit on how many funding applications one can send. Additionally, being turned down for one year (or one semester) does not automatically disqualify a student from sending in a new application. 

A student will also want to find the application deadline for each scholarship fund he or she intends to apply to and fill out the needed paperwork weeks in advance. It can also be a good idea to look up tips on how to fill out an application, how to write up a life statement and how to portray life experience in the best possible light.