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Computer Programming is a Superb Career

mba program santa claraA career as a computer programmer is a terrific choice. In fact, when a student goes into the field of network security and rises to a level of competence, they will be in high demand. U.S. News & World Reports said that in 2014, one of the best jobs available is working as a computer programmer. The unemployment rate for computer programmers is only 4% in the USA, which is well below the national average. The median annual salary is about $76,000

Certain things create success as a computer programmer, which include:

  • Getting a College Degree - A bachelor’s degree is important. A Master’s degree is better. Think of getting a degree as proof of intellectual capabilities but not as proof of on-the-jobs skills. A degree shows a person is able to undergo the rigors of studying and passing exams at a major institution. For example, attending an MBA program Santa Clara, at a state university, in the heart of the Silicon Valley demonstrates a person has the skills needed.

mba program santa clara

  • Self-Learning - The best programmers are self-taught. This does not mean they learn everything they need to know alone. They reach out to other programmers, share skills, ask questions, work on code together, contribute to open source projects, and do everything they can to learn the newest and best from the greatest programmers that are out there. Most programmers are willing to share as long as a person is dedicated to learning.
  • Curiosity - One of the things that great programmers have in common is an excessive amount of curiosity. They do not accept things as they are; they look for things as they can become.

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  • Keep Going - No one knows when you discovered a great way to write computer code unless you tell them about it. However, talking is only bragging, so it is better to show than say. The real coders get this immediately. They will give respect to anyone, including complete newcomers who see things in a different and innovative way. In computer programming, it is about what you know. That is exactly how great advancements in computer programming have been made.

mba program santa clara

  • Age, Gender, Location is Ultimately Irrelevant - When a person is respected as a great programmer, it does not matter their age, gender, or location.

Go get a MBA degree to have a certificate from a recognized university and then show the world your programming skills for a terrific career.