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Getting a degree is different than it used to be

mba program santa claraGetting a degree takes hard work and discipline – it always has. But now, many students are opting to earn part, if not all of their degree online as opposed to in a brick and mortar building.  This trend has been on the rise for many years and doesn’t show signs of stopping.  What’s interesting about this is that online education or distance learning as a discipline is not a new phenomenon.  Indeed, correspondence courses existed in the 1800s.  What has brought on this interested in online education with such fervor?  Could online education dethrone courses in the brick and mortar equivalent?


mba program santa claraAccording to research online course enrollment has consistently climbed for 10 years straight.  What accounts for the change in trend? 

  • Less Expensive - People gravitate to online education because it is a cheaper alternative to attending classes on a physical campus.  In these economic times, it makes sense that an option that does not cost as much but will attain the same goal be investigated.
  • Flexibility - Time to attend class is also a consideration for many of the students utilizing online methods to obtain their education.  Many online students work a full time job and must fit their education in during what would be considered off hours at a brick and mortar university.
  • Age - Many online students are older than college students who attend right after graduating high school. The anonymity of attending class online may make older students feel more at ease. 

 mba program santa clara 

An interesting argument exists when discussing the differences between online students vs. classroom students.  In the past, when on campus education was the expected norm, learning types were not considered.  The way that students learned was not something that was taken into account – all students were to sit in a classroom, listen to a lecture, study, and pass an exam.  Now, with the popularity and acceptance of online education, different approaches to learning can be utilized. 

 mba program santa clara 

MBA program Santa Clara, CA provide online degree options to meet their students’ needs.  Many of the same degree programs, course selections, and curriculum can be found online as well as on campus giving students much needed options.